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TTLA is here to Represent, Support and Connect!
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Social activities

Live and enjoy every moment of student life! TTLA offers a broad variety of social activities; get acquainted with staff and fellow students that share your passion for trade and transport law.

Career opportunities

As the only study association for trade and transportation law, we facilitate career opportunities for aspiring students in this field of work. Be it internships or starting positions, our partnering organizations will keep a keen eye out for you.

International community

Far away from your roots? Make the world port city your home away from home. Get to know our community of international students; share experiences, organize activities and meet your new friends in Rotterdam!

World port

TTLA is located at Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands, in close vincinity to the largest port on the Western hemisphere. Thanks to our close ties to the trade and transportation sector we are able to offer valuable insight into the practice of legal professionals in this world port city.

Our partners

  • AKD advocaten
  • Dutch Maritime Law
  • Langelaar Klinkhamer Advocaten
  • Codex Mulder
  • Omniversalis*SKNDAL

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Latest news

New Board for 2017-2018!

The Trade and Transport Law Association (TTLA) is here to Represent, Support and Connect all Commercial Law students at the Erasmus University Rotterdam thus building a bridge between the students and the future. We, Koen, Rob, Gergana and Savina – being the newly elected Board members of the TTLA for the academic 2017-2018 will continue the work and devotion of our predecessors in achieving the TTLA’s goals and objectives in any way. We aim to be the face of all Commercial and Transport Law students in all internal and external matters. Therefore we believe that together with you as members we will contribute to providing a promising future for all of the Commercial law students! We will achieve our goals through organising formal company visits, alongside informal dinner parties and social events in the Maritime, Commercial and Company Law sector. Thus we will establish a strong network of young professionals which will secure better career prospects, but will also make your time in Rotterdam more fun! Like us on Facebook, join our LinkedIn group and keep following our web page to stay posted with the current trends and activities. And most of all – feel welcome aboard! Kind regards,   […] Read more!

Newsletter January 2017

Dear Members, It is a brand new year with brand new, exciting activities coming up for TTLA. We are sincerely glad that so many of you have been able to participate or support our activities this last year. We are looking forward to another semester, filled with events and opportunities! During the autumn semester of 2016 TTLA had a change of board and the transition went as smoothly as one could hope. The new board has managed to so far organize some social events, a LinkedIn workshop and a company visit to Damen Shiprepair in Schiedam. We are of course very content with all of these successful and well attended events. However, we are not satisfied yet! So this semester will be even more intense with even more frequent social events, further interesting and exciting company visits and a Career Day in May that you do not want to miss out! We thank you all for standing behind us in our work. Let’s get ready for a new semester! Best regards, TTLA Board of 2016-2017 Read more!

Visit at Damen Shiprepair

On Friday the 9th of December, 25 excited TTLA members entered the metro to Schiedam to visit Damen Shiprepair Rotterdam. Damen is one of the largest shipbuilding and ship repairing companies in the world and they have a big repair and conversion site in Schiedam. We were all cleared through the security and went into the office where Damen welcomed us with coffee, tea and lovely cupcakes! Consequentially we were, if possible, even more excited to hear the presentations Damen prepared for us! First the manager of the site told us about Damen, its history and the specific site in Schiedam. After him the head of the insurance and risk management explained to us about all the daily struggles and what-if-scenarios you have to take into account when managing insurances and risk calculations for such a highly specialized and huge company as Damen. Finally we got a presentation from Damen Shiprepair’s own inhouse legal counsel that told us a lot about the exciting legal challenges he faced everyday and about the advantages to work in the business itself instead of doing traditional legal work as a practicing lawyer. After the presentations we all got the coolest blue helmets and safety […] Read more!

Goals for 2016-2017

The Trade and Transport Law Association is here to Represent, Support and Connect. We aim to be the face for all Commercial Law students, in all possible internal and external matters. We will support you by preparing you guys for the job market through posting vacancies and hosting workshops in how to present yourself online and how to prepare for job interviews. And most importantly, we are here to connect. The TTLA builds a bridge between students and the future. We do so by connecting you with potential employers and by introducing you to various possible career paths. We also want to connect students with other students through social activities. Not only does a strong network make your time in Rotterdam more fun, it is also essential for your further career. Have fun together, not only for your own pleasure but also for your career’s sake! Through the TTLA we can make our ideas come true. We, the board of 2016-2017, are here as representatives for you and we are open to hear about what specific needs or desires you might have! Like our Facebook page, join our LinkedIn group or check out our webpage and become a member today! […] Read more!

Upcoming activities