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Social activities

Live and enjoy every moment of student life! TTLA offers a broad variety of social activities; get acquainted with staff and fellow students that share your passion for trade and transport law.

Career opportunities

As the only study association for trade and transportation law, we facilitate career opportunities for aspiring students in this field of work. Be it internships or starting positions, our partnering organizations will keep a keen eye out for you.

International community

Far away from your roots? Make the world port city your home away from home. Get to know our community of international students; share experiences, organize activities and meet your new friends in Rotterdam!

World port

TTLA is located at Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands, in close vincinity to the largest port on the Western hemisphere. Thanks to our close ties to the trade and transportation sector we are able to offer valuable insight into the practice of legal professionals in this world port city.

Our partners

  • AKD advocaten
  • Dutch Maritime Law
  • Langelaar Klinkhamer Advocaten
  • Codex Mulder
  • Omniversalis*SKNDAL

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Latest news

JFR Christmas Gala 2013

by T&TL Association 0 comments
Every year the JFR organizes an amazing Christmas gala. This year it will take place on the 13th of December at the ‘Westelijk Handelsterrein’. The theme of the dance and more details will be kept secret for a little longer, but make sure you mark the date in your agenda, because you really don’t want to miss this event! Facebook event: Read more!

NVZV Najaarsvergadering

by T&TL Association 0 comments
A special invitation for Dutch members of the T&TL association: There is a ‘NVZV-meeting’ (NVZV-najaarsvergadering) on 21 November 2013. This meeting is organised by the NVZV together with the VPV(Vereniging Publiek Vervoerrecht) and the NVvVA (Nederlandse Vereniging Vervoerrechtadvocaten). The theme of this meeting is: “Tussen Rotterdam en Luxemburg: uitdagingen die de rechtspraak van het Hof van Justitie van de Europese Unie schept voor de Natte Kamer.” The presentations of this meeting are hold by Mr. J.M. van der Klooster, Mr. Dr. Ingrid Koning and Prof. Mr. F.G.M. Smeele. Emily Dérogée-Van Roosmalen arranged that 10 students of our association can go to this meeting! Would you like to go, please send an e-mail to! Afterwards you will get more information about this meeting. It will start at 14:00 and ends around 17:15. Afterwards there will be a social drink. Full = full (unfortunately, all the lectures are in Dutch, that’s the reason we do not invite the English-speaking part of our group) Read more!

International students Facebook group

by T&TL Association 0 comments
Hi Everyone! The JFR and the International Committee of the Erasmus University made a special facebookgroup for all international students. This page will be used to promote events but can also be used for study-related questions. Use this link to join: Read more!

JFR Social Drink (Themaborrel)

by T&TL Association 0 comments
On Thursday November 21st, there is the next monthly social drink of the JFR. It will take place at Divoza (Haringvliet 92b) at 21.00h. Both the destination of the Talent Trip 2014 as the theme of the 24th Meesterweek will be announced. As usual, beer, wine and soft drinks are free for the JFR members. For free beer, wine and soft drinks, members can pick up a strap by one of the board members. Facebook event: Read more!

Upcoming activities