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Social activities

Live and enjoy every moment of student life! TTLA offers a broad variety of social activities; get acquainted with staff and fellow students that share your passion for trade and transport law.

Career opportunities

As the only study association for trade and transportation law, we facilitate career opportunities for aspiring students in this field of work. Be it internships or starting positions, our partnering organizations will keep a keen eye out for you.

International community

Far away from your roots? Make the world port city your home away from home. Get to know our community of international students; share experiences, organize activities and meet your new friends in Rotterdam!

World port

TTLA is located at Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands, in close vincinity to the largest port on the Western hemisphere. Thanks to our close ties to the trade and transportation sector we are able to offer valuable insight into the practice of legal professionals in this world port city.

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Latest news

Right Movie Night: The Grand Budapest Hotel

by Bregtje Dikker 0 comments
Time flies when you’re having fun! With our last Right Movie Night of this year, on the 9th of April,  we will take you back in time. Imagine yourself at the time of the Interbellum, strolling around the Budapest boulevards – we don’t find that an unappealing idea at all. Too bad that nothing seems to be going spotless, which is the case in the last movie of our choice: The Grand Budapest Hotel. This movie, which is just in cinemas and receives great criticism now already, tells the story of a painting being stolen. Of course we have arranged a speaker for you to tell us something fun before the movie start, as usually – don’t miss it! This night Raymond Kolsteren is our speaker. Raymond has lead the investigation to the ‘Kunsthalroof’. Read more!

Right Move Night: Wolf on Wallstreet

by Bregtje Dikker 0 comments
It’s a new year, which we are going to start with a bang. We fixed a movie for you that will be released in January and which is bound to be a hit: The Wolf of Wall Street. See, we all know that we are going to be rich and successful. But what would you to if you were to be confronted with fraud? To provide us with some useful information alongside the nice shots, mr. Roel Theissen, an expert on banking and securities law, will perform as a speaker. It’s safe to say you’ve got something to look forward to! Read more!

Lutine Reading

by T&TL Association 0 comments
13th pd December book presentation of “Lutine” by Martin Hendriksma On the 13th the author of ‘Lutine’, Martin Hendriksma will join us for a presentation about his book. The Lutine unravels the story of the Netherlands’ most mysterious ship disaster in the history. In 1799 the ship, filled with gold and silver treasures, sunk of the coast of Texel. The ship was sailing from London to Hamburg in an attempt to save the German economy. Notwithstanding many rescue attempts, the shipwreck and a large part of the treasure, remain at the bottom of the sea until this day. Martin Hendriksma will introduce his book and continuously, Professor Frank Smeele will highlight the legal aspects to this story. The book in the press: ‘A fantastic non-fiction adventure novel’ – ‘A well-documented boy story:  filled with cranky seadogs, political issues and of course all that irresistible gold!’ – VPRO ‘The Dutch Dan Brown’ – Studio Max Live ‘The writer searched through British achieves, talked to decendants of writers, treasurehunters and sailors. He comes to surprising conclusions. Capturing and colorful’ – Telegraaf We would love to invite you to join us on the 13th at the Erasmus University! Read more!

Right Movie Night: ‘Sightseers’

by T&TL Association 0 comments
On the 4th of December the second Right Movie Night will take place. This night the movie ‘Sightseers’ will be shown at the Erasmus Paviljoen. The second Right Movie Night is organized by the JFR, SG Erasmus and the International Film Festival Rotterdam in cooperation with ESN. Tickets will be sold a week before the movie at the JFR-shop(VB-24). Facebook event: Read more!

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